Questions for Catholic Jeopardy

as played by my 7th grade religious education class
25th April, 2004

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Round 1

Category 1: Basics of Catholicism

1. Christianity is about _____.
2. God became _____ so that _____ might become God. (one-word answer)
3. (T/F) Salvation is not a free gift of God; we have to earn it by being good.
4. (T/F) We can lose our salvation through sin. (T/F)

Category 2: The Eucharist

1. (T/F) The Eucharist did not change for hundreds of years after Jesus first said it in Latin.
2. Name three different parts of the Mass.
3. (T/F) The bread and wine we receive at Communion are only symbols of Jesus, and not his real body and blood.
4. What words does the priest say that show the relationship between Jesus' suffering and the Mass?

Category 3: Jesus
1. (T/F) Jesus is fully God, so it is proper to call Mary "Mother of God".
2. (T/F) Jesus is fully human, so he was sometimes afraid.
3. The Gospels divide Jesus' life into 4 sections. Name 3 of them.
4. (T/F) All salvation is through Christ, and Christ alone.

Round 2

Category 1: Field trip to Church
2. What's special about the brass tabernacle at the side of our church, where the angel statues are praying and many candles are burning?
4. Who is the only person allowed to sit in the special chair in the sanctuary?
6. Why do we call the table in the sanctuary an altar?

Category 2: Field trip to Madonna House
2. What were the three reminders at Madonna House?
4. What is a poustinia?
6. What were the three promises Rayna had to make to become a member of Madonna House?

Category 3: The Beatitudes
2. Name one beatitude (not previously named) in its entirety.
4. Name three beatitudes (not previously named) in their entirety.
6. Name four beatitudes (not previously named) in their entirety.

Final Round

The teams randomly chose one of the three "double" questions.
    If they answered both wrong, they lost the points they bet.
    If they answered one correct, they won the points they bet.
    If they answered both correct, they won double the points the bet.

1. Luke's Gospel shows how the thieves react in different ways to Jesus.
    (a) How do they react?
    (b) What do their reactions teach us about our lives?

2. (a) List two differences in how the Gospels present Jesus' life.
    (b) Why do the Gospels have these differences?

3. (a) What do the beatitudes mean by "poverty of spirit"?
    (b) What do the beatitudes mean by "pure of heart"? (or clean of heart)